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Hi, I’m Jason! I’m the sole owner of Pedalnetics, an LLC registered in the US state of Nebraska.

I started Pedalnetics after some online discussions about how to maximize pedalboard real-estate lead to the idea of our Helauxy Duo. I’ve always had a passion for music and technology, and have a wide background of experiences from programming, circuit design, and everything IT. All of those things combined led to a viable product, and I decided to jump all-in and start an actual business around boutique/custom switches and circuits.

And here we are! Pedalnetics LLC was founded at the beginning of 2022 with only the 2 products in our Helauxy line (the Solo and Duo) and grown from there. Full time I work as a Systems Architect (a.k.a. IT guy who draws fun diagrams for others to follow), which lets me run Pedalnetics as a side gig in my free time. This means I can keep prices a little lower since I’m not making a living from it, and I get to spend time talking to customers, doing custom designs, and making friends and contacts all over the world!

My music passion stems from my upbringing in a house full of music, and nowadays, I get to spend every Sunday morning playing bass for our worship team. I am a proud, devoted Christian (Assemblies of God), and carry that heart into my work.

While I am nowhere near perfect, I will go out of my way to ensure my customers are happy and help in any way I can. Whether you need a hand held to patiently walk you through setting something up, you want to brainstorm ideas for your pedalboard (even if you don’t end up buying from me), or want to talk theater/gear/lighting/Faith, Contact Us and let’s chat!

Enough of my rambling, go buy stuff please 😁