Helauxy XL – Your on-pedal HX Stomp XL aux switch!

Inspired by our Helauxy Duo and Helauxy Solo, we’ve created the Helauxy XL specifically for your HX Stomp XL multi-fx unit! It sits along the top of your pedal, with the footswitches carefully positioned between the ^ & C, and C & D footswitches.

The example shown above by one of our customers does not have labels, but we also offer labeling the switches as 7 and 8, representative of the external FS switches they activate.

StmpFace XL bench photo

So stop by and take a look at the products we offer, and feel free to reach out to us via our Contact Us page if we can design something new for you!

** Special thanks to Rob @ Little Robbie pedals for assisting with brainstorming and product measurements and being the first owner of our StmpFace XL pedal!