June 9, 2022

June 2022 Updates

It’s always fun to share works-in-progress, so this will probably become a monthly thing!

Audition Switches

Audition Switches are a pretty fun thing; they give you the ability to wire your board in a permanent fashion, but still leave a loop for you to try out new pedals or insert a Volume Pedal only when you need to.

A few different companies make these, and we’re about to as well. What we’re bringing to the table is custom shapes and sizes, as well as the fact ours can be either Mono or Stereo, just by setting some internal jumpers! I plan to offer slightly larger versions as well with a 9v passthrough DC jack as well

Long Audition Switch ; 2.4″ wide, 1.5″ deep, 0.9″ tall
image 2
Wide Audition Switch – 3.2″ wide, 1″ deep, 0.9″ tall

Angled Aux Switches

A half-way point between a normal aux switch and our Kick Switches, will be our new Angled Aux Switches. One was already sent out as a Beta version to a customer, and the product will be offered to match up with Morningstar MC3/6/8 devices to begin with. Of course we’ll also do custom sizes/designs if someone asks.

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And stuff

We have a few more new products in-flight: Morningstar specific side auxiliary switches, some more standardized 2 and 3 button aux switches, a translucent Aux switch with RGB leds that you can make it glow whatever color you want (Yes, seriously!), an “Input Overrider” device that’ll be marketed towards Wireless users to allow you to quickly plugin a cable and override your wireless input, and a bunch more things.

Got a crazy idea you want to see come to life? Reach out via the Contact link in our menu and lets chat!