June 22, 2022

Knee Surgery, fun times! *Updated

*Update 6/22/22 @ 11pm CST: All went better than expected, I’m more mobile that anyone thought I would be. I still have to do physical therapy, but I’ll be back at my tech bench by Friday working through orders!

If there’s one thing I strive to be, it’s customer-focused. Cheesy, I know. However I’d rather over-communicate than leave anyone wondering what’s going on, what order timeframes are, or any delays when it comes to someone you’re thinking of giving money to.

On June 22nd I get to have some minor knee surgery, which includes required crutches for a week or so. This makes things a little complicated as my 3D printers are in my basement, and my wife has yet to give in and start helping with my nerdy hobbies. I’ve pre-printed a lot of Helauxy Duo enclosures (my primary seller) I shouldn’t need to risk that stair-traversal, however I’ll still be slow moving.

I always reach out to every customer who places an order within a day or so just to say Hi and provide a timeframe, and I will continue to do so, and provide a slightly-longer-than-normal estimate of shipping; on average it is 4-6 days and will likely increase to 7-10 days through the end of June starting next week.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions! if you’ve been thinking of a custom build or want to chat ideas, now is actually a great time. I’ll be in-front of a computer doing CAD work more frequently during these down times, so reach out and lets chat!